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Red Jar Energy Partners

Developing bespoke energy projects 

About Us


RJEP specializes in developing innovative sustainable energy and power generation projects. Collaborating closely with our clients and strategic partners, we tailor energy solutions to address the evolving challenges of the electricity grid, including transmission, clean generation and storage.

With the regulatory landscape adding complexity, it is often difficult to provide timely and effective solutions. We help create a more sustainable, scalable and resilient grid through the development of custom energy projects primarily for industrial settings. We develop projects with the goal of selling them as power assets to our customers or to regulated entities. 

our Experience

Our Team

Red Jar Energy Partners’ (RJEP) principals and team have a proven track record of success in the power and energy industry. ​We have deep experience managing complex projects, securing funding, and navigating regulatory and market complexity. We have established a strong network of contacts and relationships in the industry, giving us a competitive edge in identifying and pursuing new opportunities. ​


Our team founded, grew and sold one of the largest independent electrical services companies in Canada. In just 10 years,  we built Spark from inception to a frontrunner in the power sector, with annual revenue exceeding $250M

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AGRIS Solar Co-op and the Green Energy Cooperative of Ontario collectively own 15MW of solar assets across 20 sites. Our team created Ontario's first community solar program, delivering the turn-key solutions that allowed members to participate in the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) and the microFIT programs to to generate renewable energy and earn profits.


We developed Sunny Shores, a $50M, 14 MW solar PV facility in Picton, ON, including land acquisition, FIT application and construction (including  the installation of racking structures, solar panels, underground cabling, inverters, substation components, grading and minor vegetation removal). After selling this to a utility, the ownership of this solar farm reverts to Red Jar Capital in 2035.

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